Santa Clara (Pandemic) Historic Home Tour 2020 


Santa Clara Historic Homes

A Self-Guided Tour


A Historic Walk Celebrating Historic Buildings



Stroll through Santa Clara’s historic Old Quad, in person or virtually.

Learn the history behind public and private historic sites.

Understand the architectural styles & significance of Santa Clara’s jewels


Celebrate the 2020 holidays with a stroll through Santa Clara’s beloved historic neighborhood, dating back to the 1850s. See the last farm site still open to the public and the oldest train depot west of the Mississippi, brought to you by the Santa Clara Historic Home Tour Committee.


Visit our website to access the tour via any electronic device that has a browser. Simply type in the URL or click on this link 2020 Self-Guided Historic Home Tour.


You can take a virtual look from your home. Or, simply bring your electronic device (cell, iPad, etc.) as you stroll through this beautiful neighborhood. There are 6 different tours for your enjoyment.


Expand your knowledge too! Besides a brief on each site, you can also click on "Architectural Styles & Glossary" which describes the various styles, as well as a glossary of terms.


Our online Historic Home Tour will be a permanent part of our webpage, updated frequently. Let us know how much you enjoy this walk through a treasured historical section of Santa Clara.