Miriam E. Harris, daughter of Henry and Mary Harris, and sister to Albert.


For about 20 years, from 1865 until the mid-1880s, Miriam Harris lived in the 1889 Market Street house with her parents Henry and Mary Harris and her brother Albert. She was educated at the University of the Pacific at a time when the Female Institute of that college was located in Santa Clara.


Her mother, Mary Harris, died about 1884 and a couple of years later, she moved with her father, Henry Harris,  to San Jose at which time Albert became head of the Market Street house, remodeling and adding on to the house to suit his personal and professional needs. Albert continued to reside at the Market Street house with his wife and daughter until he sold the property to Captain Christian Lass in 1906.


Miriam died in October 1901. Here is a transcript of the tribute in her honor that appeared in the San Jose Mercury News on October 20, 1901, pg. 11:


Biographical Sketch of Miss Miriam Harris: A Charming Personality and a Life that was Characterized by Filial Devotion and Care for Others.


   After an illness of a few days Miss Miriam E. Harris died suddenly at her residence, No. 415 West San Fernando Street on Thursday night at 11:15.

   Miss Harris was the daughter of the late Henry Harris, a California pioneer of 1846 and Mary Harris and she was born in San Francisco December 21, 1849.  In the early 1850s Mr. and Mrs. Harris came to this county and resided for some time on a ranch near Milpitas.  Later they moved to Santa Clara where Miss Harris was placed in the University of the Pacific, where she completed her education.  The mother of Miss Harris died seventeen years ago and the long suffering preceding her death was softened by the constant and loving attentions of her daughter.

   Fifteen years ago Henry Harris and his daughter moved to this city [San Jose] and from that time to his death on March 6, 1899 she devoted her entire time and energies to her father being with him constantly and studying his every wish and ministering to all his wants.

   Since the death of her father, Miss Harris has commemorated his memory by devotion to her brother and his family and by many acts of unostentatious charity.  Like her father she had a kindly thought and word for all, and the sweet and dignified simplicity and earnestness of her life and bearing won her admiration and affection of all who met her.

   Miss Harris leaves surviving her a brother, Albert Harris of Santa Clara, who was in New York when the sad news of his sister’s death reached him. With his wife and daughter he immediately started for San Jose to pay his last tribute to the sister he loved so well.

   During the few days of her illness the Misses Percy and Julia Harris, cousins of the deceased were with her and were at her bedside when she died.  The arrangements for the funeral will be perfected on the arrival of Albert Harris on Tuesday or Wednesday next.